Beauty is in the phi of the beholder

There are many (if not all!) women that admire and perhaps desire a fuller looking lips.  Many of the World’s most famous celebrities have beautiful lips, with many openly confessing to having had various treatments - predominantly the lip augmentation procedure.  As you age, the amount of collagen produced in your lips slows down and your lips begin to lose their fullness.  Lip augmentations can increase volume in lips, decrease wrinkles and creases and enhance the shape of your lips – we love a gorgeous “cupids bow”.

While lip augmentation is a very popular procedure and the majority of women are pleased with their results, there is a growing wariness amongst women of having this treatment, due to the number of celebrities that have taken it too far, and ended up with the “trout pout”.  The disappointing thing with this perception is that many women are missing out on having natural looking, more volumised, gorgeous lips through a fear of ending up this way.

The golden ratio for lips is 1;1.6, with the lower lip being 1.6x the size of the upper lip.  We believe in this ratio so much that the Veatu brand combines the geometries of Pentagons and Decahedrons, with the concept of Phi (a golden ratio of Divine Proportions found in the human face and programmed into our sense of attraction).  Some practitioners that have not had extensive training and experience in dermal fillers may inject equal measures into both the bottom and top lip, which unfortunately can create the dreaded trout pout. 

The Veatu ambition is to only provide the RIGHT treatment for our clients through detailed consultations and a meticulous approach to clinical excellence.  As an example, we will never inject two ml of filler into a set of lips during one treatment.  Your lips need time to adjust to filler and there is nothing worse than going too quick!  We firmly believe that there is a benefit to the slow and steady approach to aesthetics – adding 1ml across regular, planned periods will ensure your lips are natural and full, with no lumps, bumps or trout pouts!

We only use FDA approved products and provide access to all major brands of filler (each of which has different properties and costs).  Following our detailed consultation process we will agree on the right product and treatment plan for your requirements.

If you want to enhance your natural beauty with a clinical practice that cares for you and will only provide honest, careful advice, please do get in touch.

Veatu – enhancing your natural beauty.

Zoe x