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Top tips before getting lip augmentation

We receive a lot of queries and questions about various procedures, but the scale of the queries relating to lip augmentation is vast.  In an industry with thousands of aesthetic practitioners, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees (or the cupids bow from the philtrum!). It’s for this reason that we wanted to give you some top tips that you should consider, prior to having your lips done and to set some expectations of the procedures.

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Beauty is in the phi of the beholder

While lip augmentation is a very popular procedure and the majority of women are pleased with their results, there is a growing wariness amongst women of having this treatment, due to the number of celebrities that have taken it too far, and ended up with the “trout pout”. We firmly believe that there is a benefit to the slow and steady approach to aesthetics – adding 1ml across regular, planned periods will ensure your lips are natural and full, with no lumps, bumps or trout pouts!

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